ICCAN: Who we are

Independent Commission on Civil Aviation Noise (ICCAN)

ICCAN, a new commision set up in 2018 for civil aviation noise in the UK, had come to Design102 for the development of a new brand identity, as well as campaign collateral to begin marketing themselves across the general public, focussing on their work to help and listen to the concerns of people affected by aviation noise.

The animation aimed to explain more about the commission’s purpose and aims, as well as an overview of their work on how aviation noise is managed, measured and mitigated. Part of this key messaging included addressing the ‘hows’; how the players in the aviation industry are attempting to deal with aviation noise, how new technology is aiming to lessen noise and its effects, how communities can deal with aviation noise issues.

We storyboarded a film that built on the design style and palette already developed for the ICCAN identity, and focussed on friendly, engaging and clear designs throughout. A friendly and neutral voiceover reassured the audience to help them understand and better engage with the issue of aviation noise, as well as finding out how they could get involved and where to find out more. We used aviation themes such as flight paths and aerial views to help communicate topics and build visual interest.

The film has been really well received by ICCAN, describing it as invaluable in assisting them in explaining what they do with communities up and down the UK. This includes active community groups and individuals who were previously not engaged in the issue, particularly people who were of working age and those from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Role: Animation, Character Animation, Sound Mix
Agency: Design102
Year: 2020