HM Treasury

In 2019, HM Treasury launched the new PrizeSaver savings account, which could be opened by one of many participating credit unions across the UK. Design102 was commissioned to create the brand identity and launch the nationwide digital campaign, featuring the simple core message – saving feels good, but winning feels great. 

One of the perks of the PrizeSaver account is that account holders are automatically entered into a lottery draw that could win them £5,000 each month. This, along with the core messaging, was at the center of a set of animated social media films to be distributed on  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. All assets were provided not only to the central campaign, but also in partnership with the 20+ credit unions to have their name and branding incorporated into the posts.

In addition, we created HTML5 rich media display adverts for use on web, mobile and other formats via Google Ads. This involved exporting the animations using the Bodymotion plugin and developing the HTML5 ads to include clickTags to the campaign homepage.

The campaign has been well received both nationally as well as locally with participating credit unions. Interest in the PrizeSaver account continues to grow and has surpassed campaign targets in the first months since launch down in part to the animated campaign material from the local and national campaigns.

Role: Animation, Sound Design, HTML5 Digital Ad Creation
Agency: Design102
Year: 2020