Procedural Justice

HM Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS)

HMPPS have an ongoing objective to explain the principles of procedural justice, and to allow audiences to understand that there is robust scientific evidence that demonstrates it improves a whole range of outcomes for both HMPPS staff as well as prisoners and people on probation. An animation was required to help with this aim, and to generate commitment and buy in to use the four procedural justice principles across HMPPS. This includes trust and respect, and through these principles will generate more willing and likely cooperation and compliance.

From the start we used an accessible, engaging and non-patronising tone. Our aim was for a film that would be a clear and simple presentation of the concept, but without being seen as too simple or easily dismissed as common sense. This meant developing a script and storyboard with HMPPS to explain the real benefits in detail. 

Our solution was a mammoth character animation-led film which clearly explained the four main principles with hypothetical examples and common applications within HMPPS throughout, paying close attention to human-like reactions and expressions. We produced and designed a number of interior and exterior environments and characters to see this through, in addition to animating the characters with IK rigs, walk cycles, facial expressions and lip syncing. 

The film has been used widely within HMPPS, as part of internal training and adoption throughout the organisation, as well as the wider Ministry of Justice.

Role: Character Animation, Lip Sync, Motion Design, Sound Design
Agency: Design102
Year: 2019