Government Security

Cabinet Office

A relatively new function in government, the Government Security profession had devised a brand new umbrella identity. Cabinet Office requested that an animation be produced to quickly and easily illustrate and explain the four pillars of security in government.

There was extensive use of vector-based graphics, artwork and strokes from across the brand colour palette and iconography. The background, animation style, look and feel, digital transitions and rotational motion design was all conceptualised with the new identity in mind… creating a simple, easy-to-follow animation that was also yet rich, engaging and detailed. 

There was a heavy emphasis on music and sound effects not just to set the tone, but also to build the viewing experience and to focus the viewer attention on key visual interactions (such as whooshes and where the threats ‘react’ with the security icons). The voiceover was recorded by a professional voiceover artist in a studio-controlled environment for a high quality and crisp finish to give an authoritative and official feel.

The animation has been shared widely across government departments with security functions, and has been praised for it’s simple and easy explanation of the subject manner.

Role: Animation, Art Direction, Sound Design
Agency: Design102
Year: 2020