Royal Air Force (RAF)

In celebration of the Royal Air Force’s one hundredth birthday, the wide-ranging RAF100 campaign was launched to commemorate the rich history, celebrate the centenary, and inspire the service of the future.

We were asked to produce an inspirational and epic 3-minute film to launch the campaign, to be shared online, via the campaign website and at celebratory events up and down the country. We were asked to employ both modern and historical footage into the film, whilst also incorporating the ‘dynamic roundel’ born out of the RAF100 brand. The film was edited in 4K for use on large projection screens, as well as traditional broadcast methods. 

The final piece was extremely well received by the armed forces, as well as the multiple cut down versions appropriate for different events and three social media-specific versions on the RAF100 core themes of ‘Commemorate’, ‘Celebrate’ and ‘Inspire’.

Role: Editor, Animator, Creative Direction
Agency: Grosvenor Film
Year: 2017