RAF Engineering Officer Recruitment

Royal Air Force (RAF)

In 2017, the Royal Air Force (RAF) expanded their recruitment campaign of Engineer Officer roles to include a travelling recruitment group that would deliver engaging presentations to potential recruits with various video and animated content.

As part of this campaign, a design style was developed, giving a consistent moody, futuristic and technological feel that embodied the series of films. One particular animation – featured above – was the film ‘Posting Locations’ which used an animated 3D map to display various posting locations across the United Kingdom for new recruits.

The video and animated presentation was hugely successful in RAF recruitment, with visible results in not only recruitment numbers but also awareness of role types and locations. Further work was commissioned in the following years to build on the campaign successes.  

Role: Animator, Art Director, Editor, Sound Mixer
Agency: Grosvenor Film
Year: 2017