Teacher Retention Strategy

Department for Education (DfE)

In early 2019, the Department for Education released it’s new Teacher Retention and Recruitment Strategy – a bulky report highlighting areas for improvement in education across the UK. As part of the delivery to teachers and schools, an animation was required to highlight the key points, finding and messaging in a simple, engaging and easy-to-understand film.

The animation employed a bespoke brand and design feel that was created in conjunction with the report itself, using an illustrative style throughout akin to the child-like setting of schools. Every detail and all designs were planned with relation to the key audience, such as the ‘highlighting’ of key words and the friendly teacher-like voiceover.

The film was received extremely well by DfE, shared across the country to teachers, unions and stakeholders. Social media versions were developed for targeted messaging and distribution on Twitter and LinkedIn. Analysis from DfE demonstrated that the animation allowed them to clearly articulate the key finding of the report to a wider audience than initially anticipated. 

Role: Animator, Editor, Sound Mixer
Agency: Design102
Year: 2018